Friday, 16 August 2013

The three closely spaced Great Crested Grebes' nests on the Serpentine island are definitely here to stay, and were all occupied by serious-looking birds. Some loud territorial calls from behind the baskets suggested that they are finding each other's proximity annoying.

Here is one of the two chicks from the other end of the island taking a small fish brought by its mother.

They have grown noticeably since they were first seen, and soon their parents will be taking them to the fishing area so that feeding them doesn't involve so much travelling.

The Coots' nest just offshore from Peter Pan has been taken over by a Grey Heron, which uses it as a fishing station.

The Coots don't need their nest any more, as their one chick has been swimming around freely for some time. But they don't like having their home requisitioned, and as soon as the heron flew away they reoccupied it in a rather pointed manner. However you don't say no to a large bird with a beak like a sword, and I'm sure the heron will use the nest any time it likes.

The young blonde Egyptian goose was preening herself on the edge of the Serpentine, and flapped her elegant pale wings.

I haven't seen her flying yet, but later I saw here in the Diana fountain enclosure and I'm sure she didn't walk in through the gate.

On Wednesday of last week I showed a picture of a confident young Robin which came out to take food from my had although it didn't know me -- normally it takes a while for a Robin to learn to trust you. Its parents have now become equally bold, and this one was strolling around the path collecting bits of cake from a visitor's fingers.

There are a lot of Robins in the Flower Walk, and as you walk along they come out of the bushes and sit expectantly on the railings.

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